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Fanatical about eliminating noise

With more than 25 years of manufacturing home audio products to reduce interference and control vibration, our core philosophy is, and always has been, that the elimination of noise in audio systems is essential for exceptional experiences. We are deeply committed to furthering our understanding in these fields through research and innovation to develop products that are truly revelatory and undisputed champions in significantly advancing the science of audio reproduction.

Speed And Musical Presence

T-Series Power Amplifiers

Simplified, streamlined, yet masterfully designed, Quiescent Power Amplifiers expertly address the issue of providing abundant power without adding noise.

Winters Audio now demonstrating Quiescent!

9 May 2024

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Hear See Feel

Discover a new standard of home entertainment.

Apex Component Couplers

Ground your system and drain interference with patented multi-phase EMI and vibration absorption technology to unlock the true potential of your audio components.

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Peak Mains Modules

Prevent your music from being contaminated by what's in your mains supply.

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Awaken Your Senses

Welcome to the Quiescent revolution