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Recognised as one of the leading pioneers for controlling noise and vibration control in audio systems, Vertex AQ had over 20 years of experience in producing products that received many reviewer plaudits and sold worldwide to many happy audio enthusiasts. Building on this legacy, Vertex AQ became Quiescent in 2017. We aim to remove all sources of external and self-generated noise, allowing for the most vivid musical experience possible.

Our commitment to finding ways of eliminating noise remains our core philosophy. Combining a passion for music with a background in electronics, vibrational and high-frequency physics and using state-of-the-art design and simulation, Quiescent components are developed to eliminate the three main corrupting influences that degrade performance.

1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Electrical energy is induced through magnetic fields around subsystem components. All components exhibit some EMI, with the most polluting being mains looms, inductors, and transformers. Although manufacturers find ways to deal with lower-frequency induction, high-frequency induced energy is usually overlooked and just as damaging to the audio signal.

2. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

This electronic energy cannot be disposed of using standard electrical grounding techniques because its wavelengths are comparable to the circuits and reflect around the system. Our patented approach minimises sub-system interaction by providing matrix absorption paths for these high-frequency waves.

3. Mechanical Agitation (Vibration)

All components exhibit high-frequency vibration cascading through electrical paths and the chassis. Some components, such as loudspeakers or transformers, produce lower frequency vibration. This vibration induces electrical signals as all components can exhibit microphonic properties.

We design innovative, easy-to-use components and auxiliary passive devices that resist the influence of electrical and magnetic interference, drain vibration, and stop electronic components adding false signals to the music we want to hear. Quiescent products allow audiophiles to discover what their systems are truly capable of for a superlative audio experience.

No other manufacturer is so obsessed with understanding and dealing with noise in audio systems.

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