Quiescent was formed in 2017 with one goal in mind: to vastly improve home entertainment systems by enabling the most vivid experience possible.

Combining a passion for music with a background in electronics, material physics and state-of-the-art design, Quiescent components are developed to eliminate the three main corrupting influences that degrade performance: electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, and mechanical vibration (or microphony). By reducing these invisible interferences, home entertainment enthusiasts can achieve seismic leaps in quality and experience an unprecedented clarity that’s felt as much as it’s heard.


Our approach is simple and straightforward: to create superlative listening experiences for everyone by designing innovative, easy-to-use components and auxiliary passive devices that resist the influence of electrical interference, drain microphony, and stop electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference from affecting your audio output. Whatever your system or set-up, Quiescent components allow every audiophile to discover significant gains in musical performance and rediscover the richness of their music with a sound that’s strikingly close to live.

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