Experience the Future of Home Audio


Quiescent products are now being demonstrated at Winters Audio.

Our products use patented technology in key areas to reduce vibration transmission into critical circuits and prevent standing waves from being generated along circuit paths, cables, and wiring looms inside the electronics.

Quiescent technology is both game-changing and disruptive. Audio reviewers are commenting that our T100 series of power amplifiers is setting the new reference standard and seriously challenging the way audio products need to be built.

So why are the T100 series power amplifiers different, and what is new about them? The answer is that we do not seek to refine existing amplifier topology but to revolutionise it. No other manufacturer pays attention to the micro-energy that is being cascaded around the electronics, and only Quiescent has the technology to solve the problem of that very last level of noise present in systems, removing it from the signal without compromising the quality of the music. The result is amplifiers so quiet you don’t even know they are there. It sounds like an oxymoron until you hear what they do.

To truly understand the groundbreaking capabilities of the multi-award-winning T100 series amplifiers and our mains conditioning solutions, you must experience them yourself. Visit Winters Audio and uncover the hidden depths of your favourite recordings. But be warned, once you’ve heard the difference, you won’t be able to settle for anything else.

The T100 power amplifiers aren’t just an upgrade but a paradigm shift. They challenge all conventional thinking and redefine the very essence of a power amplifier.