W-PMM-DO2 (822x548)

Peak Mains Module

“They take away much of the frustration of an audio system’s ‘bad hair day’ when nothing works right.”

Alan Sircom - hi-fi+


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Quiescent Mains Modules lift the performance of your entire system as they eliminate mains-born interference and the unwanted interaction between system components for dramatic reductions in background noise, vibration, and disruption. Fully modular, our Mains Modules allow for flexible and progressive upgrading to create a high-end mains loom that significantly improves the performance of your system in every direction. 


The Peak mains modules have been developed from our award-winning Peak Speaker Connection System and represent a significant step forward in minimising mains-born interference and interaction between system components.

Using the Peak mains modules, each component in your system will benefit from dramatically reducing forward and backward noise propagation and mechanical oscillation cascading around your system. Results include increased energy and dynamics in the musical presentation, leading to better separation of musical instruments and vocals. 



The Peak Speaker Modules are constructed in an ultra-low resonant high-grade solid block aluminium casework incorporating our patented EMI/RFI absorption technology.

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At Quiescent, we focus on understanding electronic component cross-pollution between power supplies and sensitive electronics in addition to mains-born noise. An audio system is a noisy environment with significant electromagnetic and mechanical energy created and radiating between system separates. Radiofrequency interference (RFI) cascades up and down power lines and, if not prevented, causes electronic components to generate their own microphonic noise modulated with the music we want to hear. Our Vertex Roraima cables were the first products to address the problem of RFI/EMI and vibration propagating along the length of the mains loom. We knew that these standing waves would amplify and modulate with the musical signal in the electronics, and the Roraima range of cables was well-reviewed and accepted as the new normal for dealing with these damaging forces.

The Peak Mains Connection System comprises a modular approach to building a mains loom that deals with this system interaction piece-by-piece to provide significant incremental upgrades until each audio separate power supply is isolated not only from the mains but also from each other. Unlike the Roraima cables, the modules require no modification when moving or reconfiguring the audio system. It is now just a matter of adjusting cable lengths to suit.

Using the Peak mains modules, forward and backward noise propagation and mechanical oscillation being cascaded around the system is reduced significantly. The module is a high-frequency device with an exceptionally high return loss across a wide band. Our patented matrix technology provides multiple paths for the high frequency to travel, effectively acting as a fully matched load, preventing standing waves. Results include increased energy and dynamics in the presentation, leading to better separation of musical instruments and vocals. 

The Peak mains module comes in two variants. The double output module allows connection to two system components using one mains lead input, whereas the single output version is the ultimate in mains cable noise isolation. 

As with our Speaker Connection System, Peak mains modules have flexible deployment options. They can be used with your mains input leads or our low-noise/high-current cables. Connecting to the output also has the option to buy Quiescent low-noise/high-current output cables or use your own, provided it is terminated at one end with a Neutrik powerCON connector. 

The system’s modular design allows for flexibility and progressive upgrading to build a truly high-end mains loom, preventing your system from “bad hair days”.  




Ultra-low resonance black anodised high-grade solid block aluminium casework (black anodised)

Dimensions – LxWxH (mm)


Weight (Kg)


Absorption Technology


Multi-phase, wide-bandwidth electrical labyrinth


Proprietary casework design with 3D passive acoustic absorption materials


Power In

IEC C14 or C15 10A

Power Out

Neutrik powerCon TRUE 1


Six 1.25mm 99.9% solid silver conductors (2 each per Earth, Neutral and Live)