Peak Mains Cables 

“What you get beyond the audio vocabulary is a sense of music ‘coming together’ better. It’s like your streamer and amplifiers worked out any differences they had in a wholly amicable manner and are now best of friends.”

Alan Sircom - hi-fi+ Issue 205
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Unwanted EMI/RFI energy is constantly emitted around audio systems, bombarding your electronics and causing what is perceived as distortion. Quiescent’s range of mains cables removes this energy before it reaches your electronics, bringing about an unprecedented level of realism.


A clean power supply is critical to extract the most out of any audio or video system. However, with a world full of computers, high-speed switches and digital electronics, the mains supply consists of much more than the basic sinusoidal signal assumed when all audio and video electronics are designed.

Using proprietary EMI extraction and cable construction, the Peak prevents much of this high-frequency noise from entering the power supplies of audio components. The cables can be used a direct replacement for other power cords or partnered with our award-winning Peak Mains Modules to allow components to perform at their maximum potential.

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The Peak Mains Cables are available with three different plug options, MSHD UK13A Silver plug, Schuko, and Neutrik powerCON. We also offer two equipment socket options, MSHD silver IEC 13A and IEC 16A.

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While the Apex mains cables remain the pinnacle of our cable range, the Peak mains cables offer an excellent option for customers wanting to spend less on their mains looms.

The Peak cables use the same labour-intensive techniques as our Apex range but, to make them more affordable, we have chosen less expensive materials to meet our target price point. The solid core conductors used are an exceptional quality oxygen free copper which is plated with 10% silver. One each of these for live, neutral earth is manually threaded into a Teflon™ tube with an air dielectric for low cable capacitance.

Like the Apex, the conductors in their Teflon™ sheathing are then threaded through our proprietary EMI absorption tubing that safely dissipates high-frequency energy without using a ground connection. This is critical because ground-connected sheathed cables are usually more detrimental to the performance of high-end audio systems because they pollute the ground with the high-frequency standing waves.

The whole cable is then sheathed in an acoustic braiding that has low mechanical transfer properties ensuring that the path of vibration is where we want it – in the conductors themselves.

Terminations for the Peak use high quality plugs that passed our stringent tests on conductivity and mechanical contact but are less expensive compared to their Apex counterparts. Mechanical contact is a particularly important factor since it is a fundamental requirement for our vibration control and absorption matrix technology in our Peak modules.

All this results in a cable that achieves approximately 80% of the performance of the Apex for customers with more modest budget expectations.


Plug options

Choice of:

  • MSHD UK13A Silver
  • MSHD Schuko Silver
  • Neutrik powerCON

Equipment socket options

Choice of:

  • MSHD silver IEC C15/C16 (10A)
    Furutech silver IEC C19 (16A)


1.5mm 10% silver-filled oxygen-free copper conductors with over 25A current capability for very low cable resistance

Cable Construction

Teflon™ air-tube insulation and proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing over entire length for low noise

Outer Covering

ABS Acoustic dampening outer braiding