Apex Mains Cables 

Our ultimate mains cable solution to eliminate noise and vibration

W-PMC-PC1020 (189x207)


W-Q300VA33 (189x207)



Unwanted EMI/RFI energy is being emitted around the system, bombarding your electronics, causing distortion of the music. Quiescent’s range of mains cables removes this energy before it even reaches your electronics, bringing about an unprecedented level of realism.


A clean power supply is mandatory for getting the most out of any audio or video system. With the prevalence of computers, high-speed switches and digital electronics, the mains grid consists of much more than the primary sinusoidal signal assumed when all audio and video electronics are designed.

Despite their minimalistic appearance, the Apex mains cables are packed with technology to ensure that high-frequency wave propagation along the mains loom is reduced to such levels that audio component circuits can perform the essential functions for which they were intended.



The Apex Mains Cables are available with three different plug options, MSHD UK13A Rhodium plug, Schuko, and Neutrik powerCON. Quiescent also offers two equipment socket options, MSHD Rhodium IEC 13A and Furutech Rhodium IEC 16A.

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The Apex mains cables are based on our Vertex hi-rez Roraima mains cables but with significant advances in EMI/RFI reduction techniques. Using the highest quality materials and labour-intensive techniques, the Apex represents state-of-the-art in mains cables.

Compared to our previous best cables, we have doubled the current capacity of the solid silver conductors. From an electrical supply point of view, this is unnecessary, but the significant decrease in impedance allows more RF energy to be transmitted down through these transmission lines. These conductors (two for each of live, neutral and earth) are threaded into a Teflon™ tube with an air dielectric maintaining a low capacitance along the length of the cable. This process is highly labour-intensive and avoided by most cable manufacturers that rely on machines to make their products.

The three air dielectric tubes are threaded through our proprietary EMI absorption tubing. This tubing absorbs and dissipates the energy safely away from the conductors. This is a unique approach in cable design and avoids using earthed screening, which is usually more damaging to the ground plane of an audio system.

The whole cable is then sheathed in acoustic braiding with low mechanical transfer properties, ensuring the vibration path is where we want it – in the conductors themselves.

Terminations for the Apex use the highest quality plugs that pass our stringent conductivity and mechanical contact tests. Mechanical contact is critical since it is a fundamental requirement for our vibration control and absorption matrix technology in our Peak modules.


Plug options

MSHD UK13A Rhodium plug
MSHD Schuko Rhodium plug
Neutrik powerCON

Equipment socket options

MSHD Rhodium IEC C15
MSHD Rhodium IEC C19
Furutech FI-12L Rhodium IEC C16


Twin 1.25mm solid silver conductors per Earth, Neutral and Live with over 30A current capability for very low cable resistance

Cable Construction

Teflon™ air-tube insulation and proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing over entire length for low noise

Outer Covering

ABS Acoustic dampening outer braiding