Peak Analogue Interconnects 

“A totally unexpected and additional result of placing the Peak interconnects in my system between the DAC and pre-amplifier was that they lowered the noise floor when playing vinyl too.”

WDD-RJ4525 (187x207)


W-AAI-XLR10R (189x207)



By eliminating background noise and interference, Quiescent Peak analogue interconnects are made from the finest materials and Quiescent technology to provide the ultimate analogue signal transfer without losing or adding to the signal.


The Peak is our entry-level single-ended interconnect cable with stunning performance for a more modest budget than our Apex. Using high-quality connectors and 10% silver-coated oxygen-free conductors, these cables absorb high-frequency standing waves to prevent them from modulating with the signal.

W-PAI-XLR10_2 Close-Up (740x568)


Peak analogue interconnects are made using 10% silver-coated pure solid-core oxygen-free copper conductors and high-quality RCA or XLR connectors. Teflon™ air-tube insulation and proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing over the entire length ensure an ultra-low noise floor.

B-PAI-XLR10_2 (1453x853)
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B-PAI-RCA10_1 (1456x853)


The Peak analogue RCA is based on our Vertex Hi-Rez Solfonn using Rhodium-plated RCA or silver-plated XLR connectors. Two 10% silver injected oxygen-free copper conductors are used for signal and ground in the RCA, whereas three such conductors are used in our XLR cables. These are each threaded through a Teflon™ tube with an air dielectric to ensure a very low cable capacitance. The strands are then threaded through our proprietary EMI/RFI tubing before being wrapped in our acoustically absorbent braiding.

Unlike many cable manufacturers, we do not use machines to complete the final assembly of our cables. Doing so would compromise the EMI/RFI absorption properties of the cable. This EMI/RFI absorption functions by absorbing the magnetic field created by high-frequency standing waves without compromising the lower-frequency musical signal.

This meticulous manufacturing process results in a cable that allows music to pass easily but prevents noise from being transmitted from component to component. Artefacts such as harshness and glare are much reduced because the modulation of high-frequency energy with the musical signal is lowered significantly.

The only cable we know to be better is our Apex range!




2 x 1.25mm solid core 10% silver plated oxygen free copper


3 x 1.00mm solid core 10% silver plated oxygen free copper


Quiescent proprietary EMI absorption


Air dieletric in Teflon ™


CMC-8236-CUR-RH Rhodium plated RCA


CMC-8236-CUR-RH Rhodium plated RCA


Switchcraft silver plated XLR


Acoustically dampened ABS