DATA LAN Streaming Cables 

Digital interconnect RJ45 CAT6A Ethernet cable

W-PDD-RCA10 (189x207)





The DATA LAN Streaming cable expertly prevents transmission of disruptive energy without affecting the integrity of the digital signal. Used for all ethernet connections within any serious media network, the reduction in digital artefacts and colouration are significant. In audio applications, hash and glare are lowered with tonal density and naturalness are improved considerably. When applied in high-end AV systems picture quality improvements are dramatic – colour rendering and contrast take a significant step forward.


The DATA LAN Streaming cable uses a combination of unique and class-leading techniques and materials to ensure that digital data loss or damage is significantly reduced. Employing unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and proprietary noise and vibration techniques and terminated with the best RJ45 connectors available, the DATA LAN is way ahead of rivals costing much more.

DD-RJ45 (740x441) close-up


The Peak DATA LAN cables use high-quality unshielded twisted pair Cat-6 internal strands with Quiescent proprietary and non-intrusive EMI shielding with exceptional RJ45 connectors for maximum speed and accurate bit transfer.

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Unwanted vibration and RFI transmission along digital leads is a serious problem with noisy digital equipment such as routers and network storage devices generating and sending considerable amounts of this pollution into your sensitive media players. The problem is not limited to those connections which are carrying the media itself – connections that may only be passing control signals or doing other network duties are also raising the noise and vibration levels getting into your system.

Digital designers will tell you that data is a sequence of ones and zeros and that a cable simply needs to transport this information. Whilst in the digital domain, software models and computer algorithms are readily used for correction of errors in digital data streams, there is emerging evidence that these techniques rely on approximation or lookup tables and that there is a finite probability that there will be inaccuracies in this approach. An engineering philosophy that has been proven to be a superior approach is that “it is always better to prevent the problem than find the cure”.

While the OSI 7-layer Ethernet protocol specification encompasses packet switching, parity checking, fetch/re-fetch cycles and error correction, we favoured preventing damage to the data stream to relying on error correction techniques. Our DATA Streaming cables minimise signal loss and modulation with noise that result in data streams that can be more easily decoded.

Being CAT6A compliant, our DATA LAN Streaming is a high-speed unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) OFC solid-core cable engineered for precise digital signal transmission. Due to the cable cores being twisted together both crosstalk and system noise levels are significantly reduced. These are encapsulated in a low-loss dielectric resulting in a extremely low cable capacitance. This is then threaded through our proprietary EMI/RFI tubing which absorbs unwanted standing waves minimise signal damage caused by modulation. The cable is finished off with our ABS low acoustic braiding and terminated in die-cast zinc RJ45 connectors using handmade techniques to ensure that the twisted-pair formation is as close as possible to the gold-plated steel connectors.

DATA LAN Streaming cables result in fewer errors giving the correction circuitry in the receiving device less work to do. This is important since high levels of error correction introduces more noise when extracting and processing the data. For the few occasions where some sort of correction is required, the digital stream transmitted down the DATA LAN Streaming cable is simply closer to the original which significantly increases the probability of the network receiver getting the correction right.



8 solid core solid oxygen-free copper


300 pF/100m

Transfer rate

1 Gbit/s


500 MHz


Quiescent proprietary EMI/RFI tubing


ABS acoustic absorbant braiding


Choice of 90° angled or straight zinc die-cast RJ45 Cat6A Connectors with gold plated contacts


1m and then 0.5m increments up to 10m