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Apex Analogue Interconnects

Maximum signal transfer with extreme low noise floor

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Our best interconnect cable that builds on the accomplishments of the award winning Peak.


The Apex analogue interconnects are designed to hit a higher level of performance than their Peak counterparts. Comprising of 99.9% pure solid silver conductors and with the application of additional noise reduction techniques, they are so good that they provide a significant system upgrade in their own right. 

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Apex analogue interconnects are manufactured to exacting techniques to ensure a continuous matched load impedance required for perfect signal transmission. With an ultra-low noise floor, the solid silver conductors are exploited to transmit and absorb high-frequency standing waves that are responsible for perceived distortion to the music.

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The Apex interconnect is a significant upgrade on our Peak. 99.9% solid silver conductors are used in lieu of the 10% silver-plated copper, and each is threaded through a Teflon™ tube with an air dielectric to ensure a very low cable capacitance. The strands are then threaded through our proprietary EMI/RFI tubing before being wrapped in our acoustically absorbent braiding.

Unlike many cable manufacturers, we do not use machines to complete the final assembly of our cables. Doing so would compromise the EMI/RFI absorption properties of the cable. This EMI/RFI absorption works by absorbing the magnetic field created by high-frequency standing waves without compromising the lower-frequency musical signal.

The Apex is then terminated using a cold solder technique, maintaining the corrected matched impedance of the cable. The connectors used are the highly revered ETI Kryo using solid silver terminals. They are completed with our ultra-wideband absorption technology so small that the only clue to its presence is the open top range and absence of colouration in the midband.

This meticulous manufacturing process results in a cable that allows music to be transmitted easily but prevents noise from being transmitted from component to component. Artefacts such as harshness and glare are further reduced compared to our Peak because solid silver large cross-sectional area conductors allow for better absorption of the high-frequency standing waves. The benefit of doing so means more critical phase information is protected, leading to an increased soundstage, better timing and improved imaging.




3 x 1.0mm 99.9% solid silver


2 x 1.25mm 99.9% solid silver


Quiescent proprietary EMI absorption


Air dieletric in Teflon ™ tubing


ETI Kryo solid silver


Acoustically dampened ABS