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Q300VA Balanced Mains Block

“Mellow! Almost for the first time the recording actually made pleasing listening. Depth of tone and texture on all instruments went up a notch. The strings turned from bright and shouty to brilliant and musical.”






The Q300VA is a six-way mains conditioning and distribution solution of considerable significance. Now in a Mk-II version and formerly known as the Hi-Rez Balanced TAGA, the Q300VA has long been considered one of the best audio mains distribution blocks available.
Julian Musgrave highly praised the MK-I version (Hi-Rez Balanced TAGA) in an article in HiFi Critic, stating, “Sound-staging became crisper and less diffuse. These gains were accompanied by none of the effects that had soured my previous dalliances with anti-EMI/RFI/microphony products.”
The MK-II takes this to a new level…


We have long known that the mechanical transfer of energy is more efficient through solid conductors than through air. This principle has driven us to find ways of preventing the vibration from being directly transferred into the amplifier from the loudspeakers and, subsequently, into other sensitive electronics. This vibration is one of the driving forces behind microphonic generated signals that lead to distortion or harshness of the music.
The Q300VA is based on our Vertex Balanced TAGA and uses our patented absorption matrix technology to minimise vibration and EMI/RFI transfer between components. Using a balanced toroidal transformer, common-mode rejection is achieved to lower the noise floor for source components considerably.

W-Q300VA33 (740x568)


The Q300VA is constructed in ultra-low resonant high-grade aluminium casework. Using a fully balanced Quiescent-specified custom-wound transformer, the Q300VA provides up to 300VA of continuous power to the source components. The balanced mains capability on three (Q300VA33) or four (Q300VA42) outputs introduces ‘common-mode rejection’, providing source components with an ultra-quiet power supply.

BB-Q300VA33 (1456x853)
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The Q300VA uses technology focused on vibration and high-frequency noise control applied to cable connections. The effect is to simultaneously reduce unwanted RFI and EMI interference, in addition to mechanical energy, propagating along the wiring connecting the power supply and any audio components.
The Q300VA also incorporates a transformer that splits the input 230Vac current into two 115 Vac phases using common-mode rejection, lowering the noise floor on the live and neutral of the mains supply. The internal wiring is hand-built using solid silver conductors sheathed in Teflon™ and our proprietary EMI tubing to ensure ultra-low impedances and that any high-frequency standing waves are not reflected into audio components.
As homes and businesses use even more digital processing technology such as routers, switches, intelligent TVs and computers, digital radio and smart speakers, the household mains are now polluted with significant noise in the high-frequency spectrum. In its MK-II version, the Q300VA uses our latest patented absorption matrix technology to provide a path with multi-phase filtering with a very high return loss across a wide band of frequencies. The star-earthing system also uses solid silver conductors to ensure that the ground for all components is clean and highly efficient for draining unwanted noise.
The Q300VA is the next step in audio separate isolation. The result is a truly exceptional mains distribution solution to ensure you are listening to your audio components at their best potential and not what is coming into the back of the mains input sockets of your system.




Ultra-low resonant high-grade aluminium casework anodised in a gun-metal finish.

Dimensions – LxWxH (mm)

525mm x 154mm x 120mm


7.5 kgs

Noise Reduction


Custom-wound 300VA balanced toroidal transformer for 115-0-115Vac output to balanced sockets

Mains In

Patented high-frequency absorption matrix with wide-band multi-path technology

Absorption Technology

EMI/RFI absorption

Patented multi-phase, wide bandwidth electrical matrix and proprietary EMI tubing

Mechanical absorption

Proprietary casework design with 3D passive acoustic absorption materials



220-230V a.c., 50-60Hz via IEC C14


Choice of either:

2 direct and 4 balanced

3 direct and 3 balanced

Internal Cabling

Twin solid-core silver wiring per Live, Neutral and Earth (direct) and Hot, Cold and Earth (balanced) with star-earthed configuration.