Peak Speaker Cables

Peak Speaker Cables 

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Quiescent’s Peak low noise speaker cables are capable of bringing astonishing clarity to any system, dramatically improving the audio experience.


Building on the knowledge gained over the last 20 years, our engineers re-evaluated the effects of electromagnetic interference on, radio frequency propagation along with the mechanical vibration of conductors. The result is the Peak low-noise speaker cables. 

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Peak Speaker Cables


Peak Low Noise Speaker Cables are a single-wire cable with two 1.5mm solid-core oxygen-free 10% silver conductors terminated with WBT nextgen copper 8mm spades or WBT nextgen copper 4mm banana plugs. 

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When designing the Peak, our engineers evaluated lower cost materials to ensure that radio frequency propagation along and mechanical vibration of conductors could be minimised. The result is the Peak low-noise speaker cables that have an astonishing performance for the price.

Whilst many manufacturers focus on conductivity of signal, the goal for Quiescent engineers was to determine methods to control the propagation of damaging electrical and mechanical oscillation transmitted along the length of the cable. A key design consideration was to use technology that would not interfere or damage the musical signal in any way but to ensure that any unwanted noise could be eradicated for superior performance.

Peak speaker cables will surprise even the enthusiast with high-performance cables costing twice the price. Cable construction is identical to Apex speaker speaker but we use lower cost conductors and connectors to ensure we can bring Quiescent performance for those with more modest budget goals.



Single 1.5mm 99.9%  oxygen-free solid-core copper conductors with 10% silver for high transient current carrying capability


WBT nextgen copper 8mm spades

WBT nextgen copper 4mm banana plugs 


Teflon™ air-tube insulation and Quiescent proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing for low noise

Outer Covering

ABS acoustically damped braiding


0.5m increments up to a maximum 5m per cable