peak grounding module

Peak Ground Module

Ground control perfected 

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The idea of ground control was invented by us when we launched the Vertex AQ Pico in 2013. This was the first time that an audio company realised that simply moving noise generated in power supplies and circuits into ground was providing an opportunity for this noise to be cascaded back into circuits elsewhere.

The Vertex AQ Pico has been copied by other manufacturers but the Peak Ground Module is huge leap in signal and earth grounding. The performance is so startling that one Peak Ground Module will out-perform 2 or more of the market alternatives. Our patented technology provides multi-path, multi-phase absorption with very little of the noise being reflected back into the electronics.

No other manufacturer has gone to this level of detail. How do we know? We know because no other grounding solution performs as well as our Peak Ground Module.


Our patented absorption technology is deployed in such a way that the module makes high frequency noise disappear. Large radiators emit the noise inside our multi-phase, wideband filter where they are prevented from being re-radiated back into sensitive electronics.

The module has two high-quality silver pole terminals that allow maximum noise transfer. The two terminals can be connected to two separate independent components which provides the noise isolation required to prevent reflections back but it can be used with one connection to a component with a simple link cable from one terminal to the other. This utilises a revolutionary technique to disperse the noise throughout a chamber such that there is phase cancelling.



The Peak Ground Modules are constructed in ultra-low resonant high-grade solid block aluminium casework. WBT nextgen™ silver pole terminals connect the module to one or two cables using either 8mm spades or 4mm banana plugs at the module end and a choice of connectors at the other.

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peak grounding module


We have long known that the signal ground is contaminated by high frequency noise and vibration causing significant degradation in audio and video performance. This is why we invented the Pico in 2013, a product that was considered a breakthrough by the press.

The Pico used a simple labyrinth to remove unwanted mechanical energy from the signal ground that is the result of filtering circuits designed to remove noise from digital electronics. The Pico also used limited EMI/RFI absorption technology which was start-of-the-art at that time. The product was so successful, it cause many in the industry to reconsider the problems with noisy grounds and some manufacturers to copy our ideas.

Our recent research into EMI/RFI absorption on signal grounds revealed that the Pico fell way short of the task needed. Leveraging our work on the Apex component coupler family, we started work on moving the technology on considerably.

The Peak Ground Module is deployed in the same Quiescent single block casework that is used in our award winning speaker and mains modules. The non-parallel planes lead to an inherited disruption of high frequency mechanical waves. Using Quiescent grounding leads that use solid silver conductors for improved mechanical and high frequency energy transfer, the module acts as a noise drain for the system. This ground lead is then connected to the RCA or XLR sockets or chassis earthing points on the electronics.

Inside the Peak Ground Module is our patented EMI/RFI absorption that is significantly more efficient at draining this noise from the signal ground than has been previously achieved. Each terminal on the ground module can be used to connect to two separate ground paths in the system or connected to one signal ground path and using one of our Grounding links used across the silver WBT pole terminals to take advantage of the massive internal radiators and advanced noise cancellation properties of the internal filtering.

The Peak Ground module is an exceptional advance in noise reduction with many of our customers reporting that they are so good that one module is more effective than numerous units of other market alternatives with improved mid and upper range performance and a flow to the music that feels more natural and true to the live performance.




Ultra-low resonant high-grade solid block aluminium casework

Dimensions – LxWxH (mm)



4.5 Kgs per module

Absorption Technology

EMI/RFI absorption

Patented multi-phase, wide-bandwidth electrical labyrinth and proprietary EMI tubing

Mechanical absorption

Proprietary casework design with 3D passive acoustic absorption materials



WBT nextgen™ silver pole terminals to accept grounding leads with either 4mm bananas or 8mm spades

Electronic Component

Use cable terminated with 4mm banana or 8mm spade at one end and a choice of RCA, male or female XLR, BNC, RJ45, or 8mm spade terminated at the other (purchased separately)