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Experience Music As It Is Supposed To Be


Our T100 monoblock power amplifiers are now on demonstration at KJ WEST ONE.

After a 3-year research programme, we were granted our patent in November 2023. Our T100 power amplifiers use this patented technology in key areas to reduce vibration transmission into critical circuits and prevent standing waves from being generated along circuit paths, cables, and wiring looms inside the electronics. So why are the T100 series power amplifiers different, and what is new about them? The answer is that we do not seek to refine existing amplifier topology but to revolutionise it. No other manufacturer pays attention to the micro-energy that is being cascaded around the electronics, and only Quiescent has the technology to solve the problem of that very last level of noise present in systems, removing it from the signal without compromising the quality of the music. The result is amplifiers so quiet you don’t even know they are there. It sounds like an oxymoron until you hear what they do.

To experience the award-winning T100 monoblock and stereo amplifiers offering a seismic leap in an immersive audio experience, go to KJ West One and discover what truly lies in the recording. But we should let you know that the experience, once heard, cannot be unheard.

The T100 power amplifiers are not just an upgrade; they challenge all conventional thinking and redefine how a power amplifier should be.