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T100MPA Mono Power Amplifier

“The T100MPAs, and their sister stereo amplifier the T100SPA, use the same patented technology inside. We hear familiar recordings shorn of all but the last smidgin of sonic pollution and now revealed in all their pristine dynamic and tonal glory. The experience cannot be un-heard. From that point on, all other amplification just sounds plain wrong; we cannot stop our attention zooming in on intermodulation and hash that we now know to be artefacts caused by EMI and microphony. Watch the industry play catch-up.”

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Building on the success of our T100SPA stereo power amplifier, the T100MPA monobloc sets a new standard in musical realism and presence. Using the same exceptionally high-quality QPower™ system to supply a clean low noise d.c. supply for a single channel, the T100MPA delivers power way beyond its peers. Vibrational and EMI/RFI matrix technology is employed in areas previously unexplored, allowing the electronics to perform at their best without adding anything to the musical signal.
The result of this obsessive attention to detail has led to a power amplifier that simply feels like it is a transparent window into your music, revealing textures previously not experienced.


Using the same amplifier board technology in the T100SPA, this monobloc benefits from a dedicated QPower™ system for a single amplifier module. With three times the amount of vibrational, EMI and R/F absorption technology, the T100MPA produces such stunning realism and control that it sets a new benchmark standard and challenges all conventional thinking for amplifier design.


Rated at 130W into 8ohms, the T-Series Mono Power Amplifier drives effortless power into the most demanding loads thanks to its patented QPower™ technology. Capable of driving more than 10 Amps of continuous current, the T100MPA has a musical presence that is seldom experienced.

An enormous toroidal transformer using the highest quality Japanese steel, the transient response and grip on complex musical passages is flawless. Even the output stages are given dedicated vibration paths to allow the electronics to deliver high quantities of power without introducing distortion or unwanted noise.

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BB-T100MPA(Pair)-N (1456x853)


Developed from our new T100SPA stereo power amplifier, the T100MPA monoblocs use the same current feedback with exceptionally high bandwidth and a minimal component count. This solid-state class A mono amplifier uses vibration and EMI/RF technology that has been the focus of our R&D programme over the last 2 years. Its performance is exceptional with control, power, and musical presence with few rivals.

High levels of microphonic noise often severely disadvantage power amplifiers, robbing the signal of dynamic energy and accuracy. During the development phase, our primary objective of this design was to prevent these effects. The culmination of this work has led to the T100MPA using the following approaches:

  • A robust power supply employing a custom-wound 500VA transformer and low-microphonic components, all fully coupled to vibration absorption technology. Using the highest-grade Japanese steel at its core, our transformers have a higher magnetic flux density, ensuring clean power even when the amplifier is working with the most demanding asks. This allows the amplifier to deliver a constant continuous current of almost 10A into a low-impedance load.
  • Significant vibration protection in and around the sensitive analogue input stages.
  • A Low-frequency, acoustically disruptive heatsink is combined with four dedicated vibration matrix modules that couple directly to the output transistors.
  • An exceptionally high-quality filter incorporating Audio Note Kaisei non-polar capacitors results in a low impedance and highly responsive power supply.
  • QPower™ power supply management.

QPower™ is our noise suppression system around the d.c. power supply to the audio boards and the IEC socket to the rear panel. When an amplifier is asked to provide power in demanding situations, the power supply exhibits large quantities of vibrational and EMI/RFI energy that is often transferred into the audio electronics backwards through the mains connection and forwards into the audio boards. Although not often observable to the human ear, vibration causes electronic components to exhibit noise known as microphonic, adding to the musical signal through intermodulation. The T100MPA extends the capability of our T100SPA stereo power amplifier by increased deployment of a ground matrix that doubles the vibration and EMI/RFI absorption on the secondary centre tap. This is important because it represents an efficient path for this noise to be safely dissipated rather than transmitted into the audio board.

The first major vibration source is when the transformer exceeds its magnetic flux density. In this case, it is possible to hear the vibration resulting, and despite views that this does not impact the performance of the audio circuits, nothing could be further from reality. It can also be very annoying to listen to! One persistent cause of transformer hum is a d.c. offset, which is increasingly prevalent and caused by the increased use of LED light bulbs. We use a non-intrusive blocking approach to prevent a DC offset, causing the transformer to exceed the magnetic flux before it reaches the primary windings. Our toroidal transformers are designed to be silent and stay that way.

Even though we cannot hear further vibration in the transformer, we know it is there and still causing havoc in electronics upstream to the mains and downstream to the audio boards. We use an internal version of our highly acclaimed Peak Mains Modules inside the amplifier.

Next, we handle the problem of bridge rectification vibrating at approximately 100Hz and its associated harmonics into the rest of the circuit. This is achieved by building the rectification and DC smoothing circuits directly on top of our patented matrix technology, preventing the vibration from cascading to the audio board’s DC rails.

The T100MPA uses 7 modules in its QPower™ configuration, which lowers the noise floor so low that critically important phase information needed to demonstrate realism and musical presence is preserved beyond levels previously achieved.

Casework is machined using high-grade aluminium and uses Quiescent proprietary techniques for managing vibration and electrical noise. This prevents signal damage in the sensitive circuitry. The top of the unit is a high-grade, non-metallic plate preventing the unwanted effects caused by the Faraday cage. All casework is made to our design, and we never buy off-the-shelf casework components as they exhibit RFI/EMI characteristics that do not meet our exacting standards.

Addressing vibration problems allows us to maximise the other key features of the amplifier. Current feedback and high bandwidth offer speed and precision that is detailed, transparent and with exceptionally low phase error, leading to superb imaging and soundstage. With all this attention to vibration control and damaging EMI/RFI, the T100MPA sets the new standard in audio amplifier design.

The T100MPA doesn’t just move the dial for amplifier design; it redefines it…


Audio Outputs

Minimum Load Impedance

2 Ohms

Power Output (rms)

130W per channel into 8Ω

200W per channel into 4Ω



Frequency Response

-3dB at 0.5Hz to 600KHz

Slew Rate


THD @24W output into 8Ω load

(1KHz sinusoidal signal)


S/N Ratio

Better than 120dB


WBT nextgen™ Ag Silver conductor binding posts

Audio Inputs

Input Impedance



2 x WBT nextgen™ Ag Silver phono OR
2 x silver XLR (switchable)



M5 Binding post on rear panel


RCA socket on rear panel



Bead blasted natural or black anodised high grade aluminium and non metallic top


Passive custom-built Quiescent heatsinks

Dimensions (HxWxD)

140 x 440 x 400mm





230V, 50Hz