MBS Audio has selected Quiescent as its preferred provider of ancillary products, helping customers get more value from their audio.


We are thrilled to announce that MBS Audio is now demonstrating Quiescent products.

MBS Audio is an audio retailer with a refreshing approach. They have decided to concentrate on helping customers get more performance from the already significant investments that they have made in their audio systems.

Having tested our products against other similar solutions, the team at MBS Audio felt that Quiescent and its relentless pursuit of eradicating noise generated by EMI/RFI and vibration is the best choice for its customers. We are pleased that their thorough evaluation has concluded that Quiescent is the only manufacturer that truly understands the physics behind these damaging forces leading to products that make a profound and instinctively right upgrade without changing core components.

We are thrilled to work with MBS Audio to help customers get more value from their audio.