Product Review

Alan Sircom reviews our Quiescent Peak power modules


Keen-eyed regular readers might be doing a bit of head-scratching here, as we reviewed both Apex and Peak from Quiescent back in Issue 197. And they’d be right… and wrong. Although the names – and the physical appearance – are the same, what’s in the boxes is geared toward a very different role in your audio system. Where the last round of Peak modules was geared toward being used with loudspeakers (they had speaker terminals and flying loudspeaker leads), these Peaks are all power-based.

There’s a lot to unpack here, figuratively and literally. Starting with the literal; four cartons, containing twelve boxes in total, making six individual devices, made up of eighteen separate components. That’s a lot of stuff to get through. What we ended up with was two sets of the single power feed Peak Mains Module, one dual-output Peak Mains Module, a single Peak Mains Shunt filter, four silver-plated copper Peak UK power cords and four silver-plated copper Peak Neutrik powerCON to IEC connector cables… and
two sets of three of the latest iteration of Quiescent’s Apex40 component couplers.

Figuratively speaking, you need to think of these products as energy control devices, irrespective of whether that energy is electromagnetic, radio-frequency or mechanical. What Quiescent does in every product it makes is to try to tame that wayward energy, using a common set of methodologies for consistency. All feature non-parallel boxes with an acoustically disruptive pattern milled into the heavy black case; an anodised aluminium case for the Peaks, a 3D-printed enclosure for the Apex modules.

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