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T-500VA Mains Balanced Power Supply Unit

Exceptional systems require exceptional power; the T-500VA delivers.

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Peak Mains Cable - Neutrik


After a complete review of our previous award-winning products, the T-500VA mains conditioner provides benchmark mains distribution at the heart of the audio system. Deploying highly innovative technology that has been developed from the ground up, the result is an exceptionally quiet and non-intrusive approach to clean power. With our patented, massive anti-vibration technology at its core, damaging mechanical, EMI and RFI energy is drained from the mains input in addition to between each component within the audio system.



The T-500VA has been developed after a complete review of our highly acclaimed mains distribution blocks and distribution units.

Like all other Quiescent components, significant attention has been spent on reducing the effects of system-wide noise and vibration propagation. While the impact of poor mains on audio systems is well understood, most techniques for dealing with poor mains cause other unwanted loss of information. Systems are also known to add to the signal through self-induced microphonic noise and the propagation of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Using our patented QPower™ module directly coupled to a Quiescent-specified 500VA custom-wound balanced toroid transformer, the noise floor of the mains is lowered to such levels that the components are transformed.

T-500VA Mains Balanced Power Supply Unit


With 4 balanced power outputs (total max load 700W) and 2 direct outputs, T-500VA delivers ultra-low noise mains power up to 2200 Watts.

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Mains-borne noise and cross-talk between system components is a problem well-known to enthusiasts and designers alike. The T-Series is a unique solution to this problem because it deploys extremely quiet, non-intrusive technology to isolate system components from each other and the external environment in which they operate.

We have paid meticulous attention to the choice of the transformer to ensure that when our custom-wound 500VA transformer needs to provide power, it does so with minimum vibration to ensure that the mechanical energy is not cascaded in the system. We have also incorporated our d.c blocking mechanisms to ensure that any mains d.c. offset does not oversaturate the transformer and cause any audible humming, which seems to be so common to households. To block d.c., we do not use a simple choke (inductor) as this usually always results in loss of energy to the downstream components. Our d.c. blocker performs the function without acting as a choke to ensure an abundance of power is supplied without any hindrance. The transformer is fully coupled using our patented QPower™ vibration absorption technology in order to prevent ultra-sonic vibration and EMI/RFI.

To ensure that the source components connected to the balanced outputs are fully isolated from the current-needy power amplifiers connected to the direct sockets, full EMI/RFI and mechanical decoupling is placed between the non-balanced and balanced sections. Direct and balanced outputs are then mounted on separated sub-panels that are decoupled from the chassis to ensure maximum socket isolation.
The massive, low-resonance, custom-built chassis is machined to such tolerances that each panel becomes a single block. We carefully place the fixing bolts, making it an inert chamber immune to any influence from the external environment, no matter how loud the music. Finally, the entire chassis is machined with our disruptive patterns and surfaces, for which Queiscent has become recognised.

All of this results in an exceptionally clean and stable mains distribution system that allows other components to perform at their maximum potential.




Sockets 1-4

Balanced 115-120V a.c., 50-60Hz Neutrik powerCon (total max load 700W)

Sockets 5 & 6

Direct 230-240V a.c., 50-6-Hz Neutrik powerCon (total max. load 1,500W)


Via IEC C16 Socket

220-230V a.c., 50-60Hz

Max Power Load


Isolation Technology

Transformer and Input

Custom-wound 500VA balanced toroid directly coupled to patented QPower™ module

In and out high-speed shunt filter and inline EMI/RFI absorption

Output Sockets

Quiescent proprietary mechanical and EMI/RFI absorption shunt

Inline mechanical and EMI/RFI isolation module

Independent Balanced and Direct isolated rear panel sub-plates for maximum mechanical separation of sensitive source component from high-power electronics



Bead blasted natural or black anodised high-grade aluminium and non-metallic top



Dimensions (HxWxD)



M5 binding post on rear panel